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Our Service
We can custom fit a system to fit your water needs.  Our quotes and water testing are free!  If you have Iron and Hardness we have Softeners and Iron Filters to remove it.  If your water has excessive Iron or Sulfur a Chlorination or Peroxide System might be right for you. If bacteria is a problem you might need an Ultraviolet Sterilizer to kill it. No matter what the issue, is we have a solution for your water problems.
Just bring us in a fresh cold water sample from your tap in a small clean bottle or jar and we will test your water for you free of charge! 
We can also recommend a NYS Certified Lab for you to test for E.Coli, Coliform, Lead, Nitrates, etc.
What we Sell
Softeners & Chlorination Systems, Ultraviolet Sterilizers,
Iron & Carbon Filters, Peroxide Systems, Reversed Osmosis,
Water Storage & Methane Systems, Retention Tanks
Submersible, Shallow & Deep Well Pumps
Sewage, Sump & Effluent Pumps, Pond Spray Pumps
Also: Some retail plumbing supplies
We NOW have:

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10150, State Highway 36, Dansville, North Dansville, Livingston, New York, 14437, United States (Hornell Road)
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